• Live online teaching

    We offer you more than just a compilation of practice material

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  • Native teachers

    What is more, they have been IELTS tutors for years. Some of them are IELTS examiners. Who else to turn to?

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  • IELTS Speaking test simulation

    Not sure about how you'd score at IELTS Speaking? You can give it a try without having to sit the whole test. An IELTS examiner will assess your speaking skills through an exam simulation.

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  • IELTS Writing in focus

    An IELTS tutor will guide you through the process of developing your writing skills for IELTS. The truth is that getting feedback and individualised advice is essential to the improvement of your writing.

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  • Customised study plans

    Our experienced IELTS teachers will suggest a customised study plan for you to prepare for the test

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About IELTSSkype™
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About IELTSSkype™

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Why IELTSSkype™?

  • We offer live online tutoring, not just a compilation of materials
  • All our tutors are experienced IELTS teachers
  • You get first hand tips and suggestions from IELTS examiners
  • Individualised, customised study plans based on your needs
  • Plenty of opportunity to practise speaking and writing
  • You can choose the modules you need and do not need to waste time on studying what you already know

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I'd thought I would never reach IELTS 7.0, but thanks to the help I received on this course, I finally got 7.5! Thank you very much again.

Anna, Russia

This was a great course with clear explanations and a very patient tutor. I learnt a lot during the class and enjoyed the lessons.

Natalie, Singapore

I strongly recommend this learning programme. I had difficulties with my writing when started this course, but my writing score improved very fast and I reached 6.5 overall in 3 months. I was pleasantly surprised by my own results! Thank you.

Lukas, Lithuania

It was a professional course and my IELTS score increased rapidly by taking it.

Miguel, Brazil