Choose the modules you need

If you have taken the IELTS test before, and are aware of your strengths and weaknesses, you may want to focus on the modules and language skills you need most help with. This way, you can concentrate on developing the exam skills required to pass each section of IELTS at the level you are aiming for. Read on and find out what we offer in each module.


  • improving your general reading skills
  • developing the necessary strategies to answer IELTS reading test questions
  • practice each reading technique
  • IELTS reading tests
  • vocabulary expansion



  • a logically built-up, step-by-step program designed to develop your IELTS writing skills
  • essay writing techniques
  • language and methods to analyse graphs (Academic module)
  • stylistically correct language to write letters (General training module)
  • individual assessment of your written work
  • suggestions from our tutors on how to improve your IELTS writing skills based on your assignments



  • vocabulary expansion
  • practice tasks to improve your fluency
  • overview of typical IELTS topics and question types
  • exam simulation with an IELTS examiner



  • becoming familiar with the test format
  • developing IELTS exam techniques
  • vocabulary expansion
  • practice tests


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