IELTS preparation on your own?

We have been asked this question on countless occasions: ‘Is it possible to prepare for the IELTS test on my own?’ Well, yes and no.

Indeed you need to do a great deal of the work, like doing practice tests and exercises on vocabulary expansion, writing essays ‘on your own’. However, you will not be prepared to sit the IELTS exam by simply completing test books.

Feedback needed

It is essential to get feedback while preparing for the writing and speaking modules. If no one points out the areas you need to improve in, you are unlikely to progress.

Remember, it is not quantity, but quality that counts. Writing many essays with the same approach, possibly making the same mistakes, contributes very little to your successful IELTS preparation. The guidance an experienced IELTS teacher or examiner can offer is invaluable.   Take me to an expert

Techniques WITH explanations

If you do not have the necessary exam strategies, and do not know how to approach tasks in the most efficient way, you are likely to lose valuable time during the test. Anyone familiar with the IELTS test will know that it is a race against the clock.

You also need techniques to avoid the traps set by ‘tricky questions’, to deal with unknown vocabulary,  to structure your responses, and the like. It is hard, if at all possible, to work all this out by yourself. 

True, you may read about some of these techniques with one-size-fits-all explanations, but being able to ask your questions directly makes the learning process so much faster. Why waste time?  Tell me more about the course

If you still prefer to self-study for the IELTS test, but need help occasionally, you can opt for our elective module offer. You can choose the module you wish to focus on, or sign up for one-to-one consultation sessions with one of our IELTS tutors.

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