Fill out our free IELTS placement test to find out about your current IELTS band score and how much preparation you will need to reach the level you are aiming at.

Reading Test

Like in the real IELTS exam, you have 60 minutes to complete the test. Click the button to start the test.

Listening Test

Activate your speakers or put on your headset. Click on the button to start this IELTS listening test. On the upcoming page click the ‘play’ button to start the recording. The recording is 26 minutes long. You have 30 minutes to complete the test.

Writing Test

In order to determine your current level, your answer to the writing tasks need to be corrected individually. Choose the appropiate module and click on the link to see the task. Your answer will be checked and corrected by an IELTS examiner and returned withing 3 working days. The detailed feedback provided will highlight the potential problem areas you will need to focus on during your preparation for the IELTS test.

Price: 35 USD  / 25 GBP / 32 EUR (exc. tax + handling)


Academic module writing task

General training writing task

Speaking Test

To find out about your peresent level in speaking, you need an IELTS exam simulation. We are offering you two options from which to choose:

  • Partial test – this includes the second task of the speaking test. In this part of the IELTS test you are expected to speak for 1-2 minutes on a given topic presented to you on a task card. You can record your answer to the question and send it to us to be assessed by an IELTS examiner. Since this part of the test is non-interactive, with only you speaking, it is an authentic way of simulating exam conditions.
  • Price: 20 USD / 14 GBP / 18 EUR (exc. tax + handling)

  • Complete speaking test – gives you the opportinity to take a complete speaking test with one of our IELTS examiners, providing 100% authentic test conditions. Contact us to make an appointment.

Price: 25 USD  / 17 GBP / 23 EUR (exc. tax + handling)


Save 25% on the complete speaking test by taking it together with the writing test.

35 USD + 25 USD costs = 60 USD  in a package 50 USD / 35 GBP / 46 EUR  (exc. tax + handling)


Full test simulation (live, online, instructor assisted, including all modules)

Price: 60 USD / 42 GBP / 55 EUR (exc. tax + handling)



In  case of cross-border transactions, the standard VAT of 17.5% apply.

A flat rate of 2 USD per transaction handling fee will be added to your order. When VAT is payable, handling changes are waived. 

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