I'd thought I would never reach IELTS 7.0, but thanks to the help I received on this course, I finally got 7.5! Thank you very much again.

Anna, Russia

I took the course after my first attempt at IELTS, and my score improved from 5.5 to 6.5 in just 8 weeks.

Özgür, Turkey

A friend of mine recommended this course and I must say, I completely agree with him! I had a great teacher, who made sure that I was fully prepared when I took my test and as a result, I could reach 6.5. It was a great help, thank you!

Kyla, Philippines

I strongly recommend this learning programme. I had difficulties with my writing when started this course, but my writing score improved very fast and I reached 6.5 overall in 3 months. I was pleasantly surprised by my own results! Thank you.

Lukas, Lithuania

This was a great course with clear explanations and a very patient tutor. I learnt a lot during the class and enjoyed the lessons.

Natalie, Singapore

It is great that I had the opportunity to practise my English and academic writing with native speakers without travelling to an English speaking country. The course was very helpful, I recommend it to students who are preparing for IELTS.

Nurin, Malaysia

It was a professional course and my IELTS score increased rapidly by taking it.

Miguel, Brazil

I was very satisfied with this IELTS course. It was well organised, the explanations were clear, the syllabus was well-built up and the teacher was very friendly.

Rashid, UAE

I do recommend this course to anyone who needs individualised help to prepare for the test. I tried to prepare in a language school, but didn't get the right results. The tutor on this course could show me what my weaknesses were and guided me during my preparation, so I could reach the score I wanted. It saved me a lot of time. Thank you very much!

Paul, Germany

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